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shanita nolan

"I am passionate about coaching and inspiring Servant Leadership at all organizational levels in society."


-ShaNita Nolan, Founder & Chief Servant Leader,

Circle of Trust Leadership

ShaNita is gifted with the ability to assess a situation, recognize the cause of issues, and design a workable plan of action that empowers individuals or businesses to achieve desired results and create new possibilities.

ShaNita Nolan is the Founder & Chief Servant Leader of Circle of Trust Leadership (COTL).

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ShaNita is a DC/MD/VA-based John Maxwell Executive Director/Certified

Speaker, Coach, and Trainer specializing in personal, professional, and leadership development; and communications. With 20+ years of leadership and business experience that spans public and private sectors, her career journey has provided her unique leadership experiences in various fields including technology, manufacturing, consulting, telecommunications, contracting, and state and federal government. All of these experiences afforded her many opportunities to build and equip young people, individuals, and teams.

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ShaNita in action.

As a servant leadership expert and keynote speaker, ShaNita partners with individuals who value personal growth and companies that desire to sharpen the leadership skills of their current team; and to develop a larger pool of emerging leaders in their organization.

ShaNita's passion for life, servant leadership, and unique ability to connect with individuals through her personal experiences empowers her audience to act on the ideas and programs she offers.

Audiences will leave ShaNita's programs with practical, applicable ideas, and concepts that are immediately applicable at work, in homes, and in communities.

Want to know more about ShaNita Nolan? CLICK HERE to read ShaNita's bio.

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