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Escape mediocrity.

Many businesses fail to achieve their potential. Many individuals compromise on their dreams and goals. Why?

Because they lack vision, purpose, and the heart to serve others. They lack real-life support, training, and coaching necessary to reach their maximum potential.

Achieve more than you ever thought possible.

Circle of Trust Leadership, LLC (COTL) exists to fix that.

We believe everyone can significantly improve their leadership effectiveness by studying Servant Leadership concepts, intense learning experiences, mentoring, accountability-based coaching, direct feedback, and personal reflection. 

We specialize in designing and delivering customized programs and services to aid your personal growth and leadership development.

Professional & Leadership development

Training for those who desire to advance their career and leadership capacity.

speaking, workshops & seminars

Personalized keynotes designed to motivate, inspire, and equip participants.

coaching & Mentoring

Sessions focused on your natural ability to experience personal & professional growth.


We partner with small to medium-size companies developing strategies to redefine success, minimize risks, maximize productivity, team effectiveness, and engagement.

Let us help you maximize your potential through:
Activate a leadership revolution... from the comfort of your home.

Our online Leadership Academy makes it easy for you to learn timeless leadership principles and grow at your own pace. 

Using the same high-caliber resources and techniques as our in-person programs, we will help transform you into extraordinary servant leaders and business executives.


Angelita Dudley

During and after concluding my mastermind group study, my team and I are more connected and better communicators. By learning the art of connecting and valuing others, we have benefited through increased sales and an increase in clients. My team is more motivated, confident, and productive; and our customers are happy.

Cierra Green

ShaNita Nolan is the real deal. She has the ability to inspire, equip, and encourage you while still holding you accountable to moving into a fuller expansion of what you intended to be. ShaNita regularly mentors me into a higher level of performance and my life and business are better for it.

Mae Ridges

At the end of eight weeks, I felt empowered to not only explore a new and more deliberate path in life, but I also gained a better perspective by which to judge my own character and to re-evaluate the value of various leadership decisions or positions that I had previously taken in life.

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