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Circle of trust Young Leaders Program

“I want young Leaders to value and celebrate who they were created and purposed to be, and to seize all opportunities that activates and leads to greatness."  

Young Leaders Overcoming & achieving results (y.o.a.r.)

Young Leaders Overcoming & Achieving Results is a leadership program designed specifically with youth, middle school, and high school students in mind, that transforms young leaders today into extraordinary servant leaders tomorrow.  The Circle of Trust Leadership Y.O.A.R.  program hosts youth summits, workshops, and roundtables that can be facilitated in-person at the location of our client's choice.  We also organize and host events throughout the year and also offer in-person and online mentoring and coaching sessions for individuals and groups to make it convenient for busy young leaders to participate, learn, and grow.


We are focused on helping the leader in young people to become fully activated!


The Circle of Trust Leadership Y.O.A.R.  program is designed to equip young ladies and gentlemen with tools, strategies, principles, life skills, and a foundation to thrive today, face challenges and overcome failure, and achieve unimaginable results as transitioning adults tomorrow.   Y.O.A. R. provides resources for our young leaders to "Live, Learn, and Lead Fully Activated." Using proven, impactful tools such as story-telling, action learning, and real-time experiential learning,  we provoke engaging and interactive discussions centered on topics that are relevant to young leaders today.  

Cotl Y.O.A. R. Program's commitment

The Circle of Trust Leadership Y.O.A.R. Program is committed to:


Along with training and coaching, mentoring teaches young leaders to value themselves and others, maintain a positive self-image, and to demonstrate compassion for others.








We help young leaders develop essential skills to foster and cultivate healthy relationships with self and others.


We create and expose young leaders to environments in which leadership values are introduced, practiced and shared.

self-leadership & service

Young leaders are trained to communicate effectively, develop emotional intelligence, and other essential life skills.

We provoke young leaders to lead themselves, and to lead and serve others with mutual respect, integrity, accountability and personal character.


Young leaders are encouraged to persevere in the midst of adversity, and to create daily routines of successful attitudes and behavior.

our services

The Circle of Trust Leadership Y.O.A.R. program is geared towards facilitating the inner work to enhance, drive, and cultivate servant leadership capability, cultivate self-respect and respect for others; and to maximize young leaders' leadership capacity today to move them from where they are to where they are destined to go and can go tomorrow. 

the Cotl Y.O.A.R. Program experience

The Circle of Trust Leadership Y.O.A.R. training programs combine course instruction through priority identification and management, communication exercises, and interactive and engaging activities.  Emerging and established young leaders learn to think critically about personal obstacles while incorporating applied skills such as problem-solving, conflict management, negotiation, financial literacy, and other critical skills.   Our instruction is combined with talks from community partners and young leaders, team-building projects, and hands-on exercises designed to help young leaders overcome obstacles that hinder their purpose, overall success, and significance.

To book ShaNita to speak or to facilitate youth leadership training, to obtain information about our services, or to learn more about upcoming youth leadership events, CLICK HERE.

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