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ShaNita Nolan's training programs are developed to expand self-confidence, ignite self-determination to succeed, and enrich attitudes.

Overview of program offerings

What exactly are in you in for when you enlist the services of ShaNita Nolan and Circle of Trust Leadership? Below is a brief overview of just some of the programs offered:

Stand up for a better tomorrow

In this talk, ShaNita will share with you fundamental truths to take you from apathy and resignation; and energize you to speak up, and to take action for a just and sustainable world.

Impact by influence

You can increase your impact on others by becoming a Person of Influence no matter what your vocation or aspiration. In this session, you will learn easily applicable, insightful ways to interact more positively with others and watch your personal and organizational success skyrocket. Managers will notice the expanded enthusiasm in their employees.

Transition from manager to leader

One of the most vital questions you must ask yourself before accepting a leadership position is "Would I follow me?" If the answer is a resounding "NO", we have some work to do. In this talk, ShaNita Nolan will share key steps to developing yourself first before leading others.

Leading from the middle

In this session, ShaNita will talk about the unique opportunity many professionals have to exercise influence in all directions -- up (to supervisor), across (amongst peers), and down (to their colleagues). ShaNita provides practical tools, and actionable steps that can be implemented immediately to help you lead from where you are.

achieving the results you want

In this talk, ShaNita will help you or your teams understand how their attitude and negative response to adversity hinders their ability to achieve desired results, and reveal winning methods to maintain attitudes that lead to the achievement of desired results.

Are you ready to embark on a leadership transformation? CLICK HERE to get started.

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