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Circle of trust leadership

"I founded Circle of Trust Leadership, LLC as a means to promote Servant Leadership and to direct others to success by activating their "inner greatness." 

-ShaNita Nolan, Founder & Chief Servant Leader,

Circle of Trust Leadership

Do you desire to be a more effective leader?

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professional and leadership development, coaching and mentoring, and consulting services

Circle of Trust Leadership's services are delivered in a number of formats: communications consulting, mastermind groups, one-on-one and group coaching, empowerment mentoring, webinars, customized leadership training programs, keynote speaking, workshops, executive retreats, leadership summits, and leadership resources.

We also offer assessments designed to measure leadership and team effectiveness, and personality profile assessments designed to gain insight into how and why people think, feel, and behave the way they do in the workplace.

Learn more about COTL's Professional and Leadership Development, Coaching and Mentoring, and Consulting Services below.

For information about our online leadership training services, CLICK HERE.

professional & Leadership Development

COTL offers professional and leadership skill training that include workshops, seminars, keynote presentations, and custom designed courses for managers, entrepreneurs, executives, and individuals who desire to advance their career and leadership capacity.

coaching & mentoring

Executive Leadership Coaching, Power Mission Coaching, Power Circle Group Coaching, Activate Groups/Team Coaching, Career and Transition Coaching, and Dauntless Mom Coaching.  We use a simple yet effective approach to coaching our clients.  Rather than advise our coaching clients, our coaching sessions are designed to focus solely on our clients and their natural ability to experience personal and professional growth; through self-awareness, self-confidence, and accountability.  Our coaches encourage, guide, and challenge our clients to pursue and reach their personal and professional goals.  You choose the path and the duration that best meet your individual and/or group needs.


Circle of Trust Leadership focuses on:  assessing and refining leadership skills, developing, and growing high performing leadership talent.   We consult with small to medium sized organizations, at all levels, to build better leaders who will have an impact today and build a talent pipeline for tomorrow.   We graduate leaders who have the head to think for themselves, the voice to inspire their organizations, the heart to serve others, and the courage to act when others will not.

our commitment

We are committed to serving our community and making the world better than we found it!  In addition, we are committed to:

  • Developing sound partnerships with our clients. 

  • Cultivating keen attention to and interest in each client or team member’s needs and expressions of them. 

  • Listening to understand at a profound level what is needed.

  • Clearly communicating our ability to meet our clients’ needs in a way they will understand and appreciate. 

  • Delivering value-added solutions and results.

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