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how i help

Nolan is a breakthrough strategist who is gifted with the ability to activate the "inner greatness" in people, one wave a time.

Do you desire to be a more effective leader?

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i am here for you
Are you ready to escape mediocrity and ready to achieve more than you ever thought possible?

If you are:

  • Running a business that is failing to achieve its full potential

  • Compromising on your dreams and goals because you lack vision and purpose

  • Void of a heart to serve others

  • In need of real-life support, training, coaching or the insight needed to be your very best

You are not alone.

But ShaNita Nolan, along with a global team of consultants and certified subject matter experts is here to fix that -- to help you grow personally, professionally and in business.
what i do:

With the help of my team of consultants at Circle of Trust Leadership, LLC (COTL), I help individuals and businesses advance their leadership capabilities, build dynamic and motivated teams, foster cultures of innovations, service, and inclusion, and develop more effective communication skills through the art of connection.

We collaborate with and partner with our clients to custom design training programs, action plans, and focused strategies for developing people, coaching, keynote speaking, and training delivery for individuals, executives, organizational leaders, and leadership teams, including resources from the #1 leadership guru in the world, John C. Maxwell.


We including, but not limited to:

  • Group Coaching

  • Executive Coaching

  • One-on-One Coaching

  • Career Coaching

  • Servant Leadership, Executive Training & Development

  • Professional Development

  • Customer Service

the end result:

After partnering with me and Circle of Trust Leadership, leaders will possess the knowledge to think for themselves, the voice to inspire their organization, the heart to serve others, and the courage to act when others will not.

CLICK HERE to learn more about my Professional & Leadership Development, Coaching & Mentoring, and Consulting Services through Circle of Trust Leadership.

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