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ShaNita Nolan is an empowerment speaker, a gifted connector, and an engaging storyteller.

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five reasons to book shanita

Dear Meeting Planner:


I am committed to the delivery of High Content and Powerful Messages delivered with Passion, Energy, and Enthusiasm in a manner that has the desired impact on Your Audience. Here are 5 reasons companies, event/meeting planners, and organizations LOVE booking me:

Solid Experience

I have delivered hundreds of presentations, speeches, and trainings at corporations, special events, and organizations.

genuine & transparent

I am transparent about my life and career triumphs and failures, and creatively integrate lessons learned and techniques into presentations and speeches to challenge and inspire audiences to embrace their fears, learn from their failures; and to live lives of significance and excellence.

easy to work with

I am a gifted connector, who is humble, flexible, and committed to delivering content that aligns with your goals, mission, and vision. I will apply a genuine understanding of the intentions of your group and will bring a feeling of being "part of the family" to the room as a facilitator.  My ability to listen and discern while leading your group enhances the success of your event.

your audience will be lifted

Not only will your audience be inspired, they will be lifted to a greater sense of awareness, and will walk away with tips, tools, and techniques that are immediately applicable in the workplace, in homes, and in communities to achieve superior results.

powerhouse coach

For 20+ years, I have utilized coaching techniques that activate the inner greatness in others, and I can achieve the same results for your organization.


I look forward to leading your audience to action and inspiring your audience towards the intended objective at your conference, event, or company.


To book ShaNita Nolan for your next event, CLICK HERE.

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