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Circle of trust leadership academy

"Leaders KNOW themselves, GROW themselves, and then EQUIP others. Our purpose is to "ACTIVATE” a leadership revolution, LIFTing growth- driven leaders higher in purpose, excellence, and action."

-ShaNita Nolan, Founder & Chief Servant Leader,

Circle of Trust Leadership, LLC

online leadership resources & training

The Circle of Trust Leadership Academy transforms leaders and business executives into extraordinary servant leaders and business executives. Our online Leadership Academy makes it easy for clients to participate, learn, and grow as our team shares timeless leadership principles. 

We are focused on helping the leader in you to become fully activated!

Circle of Trust Leadership Academy is one place you will find resources to "Live, Learn, and Lead Fully Activated." Using proven, impactful tools such as story-telling, action learning, real-time experiential, and 360 assessments, we develop programs that have immediate and lasting impact. 

Cotl academy's commitment

The Circle of Trust Leadership Academy's commitment is to:

  • Provide training and coaching that helps organizations build large-scale growth strategies

  • Help executives shape a culture of service excellence

  • Coach organizations to be world-class servant leaders

our services

The Circle of Trust Leadership Academy is a custom program that provides comprehensive coaching, instruction, and training in servant leadership philosophies, practices, and theories.  The Academy is tailored to serve the needs of individuals, solopreneurs, managers, and business executives who wish to raise their leadership lid, expand their knowledge base in core areas that will help them meet personal and business objectives.  In addition, the Circle of Trust Leadership Academy includes a professional and leadership development program designed to improve individual’s leadership, speaking, coaching, and selling skills using the John C. Maxwell method.  Our workshops, webinars, and costumed retreats help business executives and managers acquire the knowledge, skills, and experience required to build bridges to help individuals and teams connect with each other and create harmony and peace.  

the Cotl academy experience

Our training programs combine course instruction through goal setting, communication exercises, activities, and case studies.  In each module, leaders learn to think critically about personal and business obstacles, while incorporating applied skills like problem-solving and negotiation.   Our instruction is combined with talks from business owners and thought leaders, team-building projects and exercises designed to help individuals, teams, leaders, and business executives overcome obstacles that hinder their purpose, profits, and productivity; and help build team-cohesiveness and connection.

If you are looking for leadership training that fits your schedule, CLICK HERE for enrollment information.

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